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Friday, January 21, 2022

Caramel Apple Toffee Cake

 1 hour and 5 minutes

Ingredients :

°4 apples
°120 g flour
°180 grams of sugar
°1 sachet of dry yeast
°1 sachet of vanilla sugar
°cinnamon (to taste)
°2 tablespoons rum or calvados
°120 grams butter
°3 eggs
°20 cl of liquid cream 5%


level 1
Cut the apples into 4 and then into 8 quarters.

The second step
Melt 30 g of butter with 50 g of sugar in a skillet over medium heat.

Step 3
Let the caramel settle, watching carefully.

Step 4
Once done, pour in the apples and let them cook for ten minutes.

Step 5
During these 10 minutes, pour in the vanilla sugar, rum and cinnamon.

Step 6
Meanwhile, we prepare the dough with 50 grams of butter, flour, 2 eggs, 80 grams of sugar, and baking powder.

Step 7
Mix, then pour into liquid cream.

Step 8
Grease a mold, put the apples with the cooking juices inside.

Step 9
Then pour the dough, making sure that the apples are well impregnated with this dough.

step 10
Bake for the first time for 25 minutes at 180 ° C (thermostat 6).

Step 11
At the end of this cooking, make a "sauce" with 40g of butter, 1 egg, and 50g of sugar, then pour it over the cake.

Step 12
Return to the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 13
Her feet are cold.



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